Rustines grips

Rustines grips


The real natural rubber. grips Again manufactured by RUSTINES , after a restart of the historic mold.

All real wearers from the 1930s to the late 1960s had rubber grips.

The handlebar hangers or classic are very comfortable and easy to install, the diameter of the handle is 22.2mm for standard hangers, but they can be mounted with a small effort on a hanger of 23.8mm. A cutout in the rear hem allows you to mount the handle on a reverse lever system for the brake, type "Solex".

The very careful manufacturing carrier handles do not spoil any bike, exist in all colors, a simple cleaning with soap refurbishes the handle.

We inform you that a slight white film may develop on the surface of the handles, this is perfectly normal, it is a protection against ozone and UV. A simple dry wiping, or cleaning with soapy water will restore all its shine to the rubber.

Weight of the product with packaging: 92 gr. Sold in pairs.